Each day is a great opportunity to learn something new and to challenge yourself.

For example, I never thought I could be a published author, but I loved to write. I now write articles all the time for major publications, and I have a blog. I had to believe in myself, ask others for advice, silence my inner critic, step in to the shoes of my target audience and trust my gut.

I also had to harness the power of storytelling and to allow myself to be vulnerable to connect with my audience on a deeper level – not only do they might read my work but so that I could help others. I knew it was my calling to educate and help others through the written word as well as public speaking.

I never was a graphic designer, and coming from big law to a small firm and then eventually venturing out on my own, I had to learn how to use graphic design programs on my own. Then when I found Canva, I taught myself everything there was about it and now I create many kinds of images and designs for my clients on a daily basis.

I was never a great public speaker, but I had to get a B+ or better in a mandatory public speaking class in graduate school.

During one assignment in that class, I fumbled, overused index cards and wrote too much on my slides.

Well the cards all fell on the floor while I was still being recorded (I disappeared from view trying to pick them up) as the camera still rolled in front of my classmates. Let’s just say it was a complete mess, and I did not pass that assignment. I was also humiliated.

I learned that day to never depend on cue cards or a PowerPoint. I learned how to be myself when I present, how to tell stories and be confident. I now do paid speaking engagements each month.

So what’s the moral of the story? Never say you can’t do something. Because you can! Talk to others who have done it and ask them for advice. Most people are flattered when you ask them for their pointers.

If you want to be an author, make a plan for doing it – publish an article on LinkedIn or write a guest blog post. If you want to be a public speaker or sit on a board, go after it by networking and submitting for it. If you don’t do it, someone else will, and why shouldn’t it be you and why shouldn’t it be right now?

It takes preparation, hard work, grit, a little faith and most importantly, believing in yourself that you can achieve what you want.

Remember mindset is everything.