I want to wish everyone who celebrates a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday to all of you.

This year has been so challenging and isolating for so many of us, including myself.

I had to rebuild my life from scratch personally and professionally in the midst of the pandemic. But I did it. And you can too.

If you would’ve told me couple years ago that I would be an entrepreneur with two dogs, living in my dream home, with the freedom to do what I want when I want, I would’ve told that you you were crazy. Or that I would have met someone who lets me be me and doesn’t try to control or try to change me. Before, I was in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissistic controlling partner and was surrounded by toxic people. It wasn’t until life forced me to break free of my unhealthy environment did I find real happiness and fulfillment.

My advice to everyone is to just keep going. Surround yourself with people who value you, accept you for you and don’t be afraid of taking chances. It’s also never too late to start over.

No matter what DON’T QUIT. Because then, no matter what happens, you will simply keep pushing through it until things start working out.

Believe in yourself because you can do anything to which you put your mind. You can, trust me.

And most importantly, this year more than ever, let kindness lead the way with everything you do. One small act of kindness can have a positive effect on many others.

Remember your network is your netWORTH so never stop networking and using social media (especially while we are socially distancing).

You never know who could potential he be a client, a referral or a potential job lead. And you never know down the line when you may need help yourself. Give willingly and freely to others, and show gratitude to people who have helped and stood by you.

Remember things can only get better from here. But you must believe it. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021.