“I should get more active on LinkedIn” is something I hear a lot.

And of course I believe this, but being active on LinkedIn is not just logging on and posting an update occasionally and then suddenly building a strong brand and tons of leads. That’s not how LinkedIn works.

Being successful on LinkedIn requires work and investing in yourself as a content creator/curator, being consistent and contributing in a meaningful way. But it takes time.

You never know what opportunities can be unlocked by using LinkedIn – a future job, a referral, a board opportunity, a committee appointment, an invite to speak on a panel or to write an article. Staying top of mind is key on LinkedIn. I built my entire brand and business on LinkedIn for the most part, and if I can do it, so can you!

LinkedIn’s algorithm also rewards those who consistently use the platform. You can’t just show up here every now and then and expect to be successful. Consistency is key as I said.

Invest in LinkedIn because it is the most important professional social media network. Contributing helpful content and storytelling is what creates awareness, and over time, quality content to your followers creates trust, which is how you build your brand on LinkedIn.

Keep showing up, post and share content of value, try different things (maybe video, image-based posts, storytelling, how-to posts), continue to build and cultivate your network and invest in yourself.