I get asked to do a lot of things, speaking engagements, writing opportunities and even some project and client work, but it’s not always right for me nor do I have the time.

I used to struggle with saying no and letting people down. Or worrying about the what if‘s.

But I don’t do that anymore because I trust my gut and I know what’s best for me (most of the time at least).

I had a few situation with clients where I knew that working with them gave me an uneasy feeling.

One of them insisted on having meetings on the weekend before we even signed a contract. That seemed like a real lack of respect for my weekends. And I wondered what it would be like to work with them once I actually did sign on.

Another client didn’t treat people well from what I could tell, and I wondered how they would treat me as an independent contractor.

And even though the money was enticing at first, I realized that the compensation wasn’t worth it.

Once you realize your worth you will walk away from situations like this.

Sometimes I feel guilty about saying no in my personal life as well.

I always  want to make people happy and not let them down, but what I’m doing when I say no when I don’t want to do something is letting myself down.

I’ve also realized that overextending myself by saying yes to things when I really don’t have the time for them or want to do them sells everyone short.

This is especially true today as an entrepreneur I need to be laser focused and very careful what I say yes to to ensure I’m giving my all to the things that really matter.

I also want to make time for the people that really matter to me. There is no point in working all the time if you’re not actually enjoying your life.

Make the time for who and what is really important to you even if it means saying no

I see so many workaholics do that – they’re so focused on making money they never actually enjoy it. There is so much more to life than work. Such as your family, your friends, your pets, vacations and all of the things you love to do.

Life is short and precious. Don’t sell yourself short time missing out on things because you were working all the time. It’s not a badge of honor to be a workaholic. Focus on being more efficient and strategic with your time.

So let’s normalize saying no without the need to feel guilty, explain or apologize.

It’s perfectly okay to say no. It actually feels really good to say no sometimes!

Who’s with me on saying no more?

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