Happy first day of fall! Here are 10 things you should do this fall to build your business and brand – all of which can be done by any business professional at any level.

  1. Google yourself and set up Google Alerts for your top clients and prospects
  2. Reevaluate your business’ goals for the year and

Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve stopped doing (or at least I’m working on not doing) in order to grow and become a better version of me:

  1. Overthinking
  2. Self-sabotaging
  3. Overextending myself
  4. Saying yes when I want to say no
  5. Procrastinating
  6. Getting in my own way
  7. Surrounding myself with people who don’t support

Of course everyone learns and thinks differently – our brains are each hard wired uniquely – different strokes for different folks.

All throughout my formative school and college years, I was a traditional note taker, writing things down with an old-fashioned pen and paper. Despite the advent of many cool tech tools designed to make