Women’s History Month starts today. It’s a great time to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of amazing women throughout history as well as the women at your organization (law firms – don’t just highlight lawyers please) and your alumni.

This year’s Women’s History Month theme is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” which is a tribute to the many ways women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history.

I hope you are creating a content campaign to recognize Women’s History Month as well as International Women’s Day, which is on Tuesday, March 8 each year. It’s not too late, and it is important content to highlight both internally and externally at your organization. Some ideas include:

  • Host virtual events with women you admire
  • Celebrate women’s history on social media by
    • Honoring influential female artists and creatives, female innovators and women inventors throughout history
    • Asking your employees for quotes on women who have made an impact on them
    • Featuring female employees and alumni on what Women’s History Month means to them
    • Honoring female entrepreneurs and your favorite women-owned businesses
    • Sharing your favorite Women’s History Month quotes
    • Posting inspirational stories of female entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists and leaders
    • Diversifying your social media feeds by following more women-owned and women-run businesses and accounts
  • Another unique idea is to host an online exhibition with the National Women’s History Museum. For example, delve into the history of the women of NASA, women in social justice, women in STEM, female soldiers in WWII, and more. Read primary documents, view video clips, see historical photographs and learn about important and influential women in history.
  • Amplify the voices of female thought leaders in your industry

Women’s History Month is also a time to recognize gender-based inequities that still exist today. This is an occasion to work toward progress and help your team deepen their understanding of women’s history and women’s rights.

This is an important year to celebrate women as the pandemic has affected many women in disproportionate numbers, many of whom left the workforce entirely.

As I told Leopard Solutions in its 2021 State of the Industry Report, there’s no shortage of women entering the legal industry, with about half of lawyers in law firms being women. However, as they progress in their legal careers, many of them leave their firms, don’t make partner, grow disillusioned with the industry and leave the practice of law. So where are women going, and what’s preventing them from reaching partnership?

The pandemic has only exacerbated these issues, as many women have left the legal profession or have thought about leaving due to stress, burnout or childcare issues.

It’s clear that many law firms are falling short when it comes to supporting their female lawyers with children. Law firms need to recognize the value that female lawyers can bring to their business and invest in them accordingly. Take the Leopard Solutions’ Women Leaving Law survey if you fall into this category.

With more than 150 women featured in Women Who Wow so far and dozen virtual programs to date, I’m so proud of this initiative, which I started during Women’s History Month in March 2020. It has turned into something beyond my wildest imagination. We’ve built a strong, supportive community through Women Who Wow.

Stay tuned for lots of content from Women Who Wow this month and a few virtual programs. Check out the Women Who Wow program and past profiles in the link below.

You can join Women Who Wow here.

Together we are  always stronger.

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