My friend Jay Harrington often speaks my language on social media and content marketing topics – but especially in his recent post on how lawyers can use LinkedIn to harness business development success. If you aren’t yet following him, you should! And if you like this topic, join me and Jennifer Simpson Carr at the LMA Annual Conference where we will be presenting a deep-dive workshop on this very topic on day two of the LMA Annual Conference on Wednesday, April 10 at 1:30pm at our program on “Beyond Branding: Aligning Social Media Strategy with Business Development Goals” – we promise two hours of interactive, useful takeaways for marketers of all levels and firm sizes.

According to Jay, many lawyers appreciate the power of LinkedIn as a personal branding, network building, and business development tool, but aren’t sure how to leverage the platform effectively. He shared 10 tips to achieve success on LinkedIn.

Jay says that one of the consequences of generating interest in and awareness of what you do on LinkedIn is that your profile will get more views. So make sure that you’re optimizing your profile so that it helps lead to your desired outcomes—typically, more connections and ultimately more business.

To optimize your profile, you’ll have to work within the constraints LinkedIn imposes in terms of character limits.

Today is a great day to make sure your profile reflects the best of who you are, so set aside a bit of time for optimization. As an easy reference point, here are a few of the LinkedIn profile character counts:

  • Headline: 120 characters
  • Summary: 2,000 characters
  • Position title: 100 characters
  • Position description: 200 characters (minimum) 2,000 characters (max)

*Tip: Your headline is far and away the most important. Not easy in 120 characters, but keep it focused on who you serve, what you do, and, most important, what benefits you provide.

Read Jay’s full LinkedIn for Lawyers: 10 Steps to Business Development Success article.