LinkedIn has been busy making updates to its company pages with new features to help businesses drive awareness, engage with followers and bring in leads. The platform is prioritizing content from companies and focusing on the use of hashtags and mentions to highlight posts. Here are a few important updates that company page administrators should know about and incorporate into their marketing strategy.

Mobile editing: In what is the very best news in the entire world for those of us who manage LinkedIn company pages, you can now edit posts from your mobile device!

This enhancement is long overdue. Having the ability to edit your company page from your mobile device will make it easier to update and edit your page and regularly post updates, generating more engagement from your followers.

Company page followers: Now when individuals connect with you on LinkedIn, they are immediately offered the opportunity to also follow your company page. I believe this recent change has contributed to the skyrocketing of my firm’s LinkedIn company page followers.

You can also easily invite your connections to follow your company page as well (just once!). Start a campaign at your firm (with prizes on who gets the most new followers) to encourage your employees to invite their connections to follow your firm’s page.

Company hashtags: Another feature you should know about is that company page administrators can now connect their pages to relevant hashtags, enabling them to get their posts and content to more readers who will find it relevant to their interests.

Content suggestions: There’s a new feature at the top of company pages called, “Content Suggestions.” It enables you to see the topics and articles that your audience is interacting with on LinkedIn. You can filter the suggestions by industry, location, job function and seniority reveal recommendations to find content that will resonate with your followers. This can provide ideas for future content production.

Custom call-to-actions: LinkedIn company pages now offer five call-to-action buttons, which can greatly enhance engagement with your target audiences. They include:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Register
  • Visit website

Pick the one that works best for your firm and its followers.

Take advantage of these tools to increase your LinkedIn followers and watch your content expand its reach and generate more leads. Remember, more followers = more visibility and business.