Tomorrow is my first time back on the speaking circuit since having a tough few months personally – so many people pretend like everything is great in their personal lives when it’s not, and I want to be honest about the fact that I have not been okay, and that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. The most important thing is to soldier on – because you and I WILL be okay. And if someone you know isn’t okay right now, please share some positive thoughts with them – no matter how bleak things seem sometimes, it always does get better.

As for tomorrow’s program, I have a lot of great new content to share with everyone, and I hope you will join me to learn more about how your lawyers can take their LinkedIn efforts to the next level. We will discusss the how-to’s of coaching lawyers on building a strong profile on LinkedIn to engage with prospects and clients, as well as how to use the platform to generate business and new connections. The program will also show how lawyers can engage on LinkedIn to become a thought leader, share successes to demonstrate value and how to use status updates and notifications to drive new business. Hope to see you there.

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