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The photos in my Facebook memories can be reminders of great times in the past or painful memories of people who disappointed or hurt me. Also given current conditions and quarantining, seeing photos of myself happy, carefree and outside make me long for those days.

So much has changed for me in one year both

Your social media tip of the day is to use LinkedIn. Especially during this time when we are relying so much on online networking to foster relationships. It sounds so simple but LinkedIn success is so much more than creating a LinkedIn profile, it’s what you do with it. Join LinkedIn alumni groups of past

  1. I’m continuing to run the Women Who Wow series throughout the year because Women’s History Month was shadowed by the COVID-19 outbreak and there are just too many great women to fit in the span of 30 days.

Today’s Woman Who Wows is Robyn Addis, the Chief Operating Officer at Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated, and has a long career in operations and marketing. I met Robyn like I met so many others in this series, through our volunteer work for the Legal Marketing Association.

Learn more about her.
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I asked Orange County-based Gia Altreche to be part of the Women Who Wow series because she is a leader in the legal marketing industry and an advocate for the profession and diversity & inclusion. Gia is the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Newmeyer & Dillion LLP and serves as co-chair of the Legal Marketing Association’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Shared Interest Group. Learn more about her below.

Why did you choose your profession?

Technically it chose me. It was during a post-college adventure to find a marriage between the legal field (initially intending to go to law school), and human communication (a love I found in my last year in college, which slightly derailed the initial focus) that ended with my resume miraculously in the hands of my now mentor, who was the Head of Business Development & Marketing at a major law firm in Phoenix, AZ. Talk about the power of networking!

At the time, I didn’t know legal marketing existed, but quickly learned it offered access to both play a role in advocating for my community, while continuing to study and nurture the role of human connection in business. Plus, being surrounded by the crème of the crop legal minds across a variety of industries, seeking out continuous education on the ever evolving role and how I could support their efforts was greatly satisfying. Learn more about her and her career path below.

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One of the most interesting panels on which I’ve participated was when I spoke with a dear industry friend Amanda Loesch on best practices for successfully selecting and working with business partners at the Legal Marketing Association’s Southeast Conference a few years ago in Orlando.

This wasn’t the usual type of program at which I

I’m not quite sure what day of the week it is because it certainly doesn’t feel like a Saturday in locked down New York City during the coronavirus outbreak. But I do know that it’s perfectly okay to not be okay right now.

They say we should maintain social distancing but really what they mean

Hashtags are great tools to help your content become discovered and to build your brand and business (especially on LinkedIn), but only if you know how to use hashtags and you use the right ones.

If you’re writing about the coronavirus on LinkedIn, you should be using hashtags so your content can be amplified and

I came across a great article by industry leader and friend Deborah Farone on on legal marketing in the time of COVID-19. The line that resonated with me most was “They will all need lawyers. Firms need to have a concerted effort to look at the future and how these changes will affect their

Linda Orton is the global Chief Marketing Officer at Alvarez & Marsal, a 5,000 person, 55 office, management consulting firm. She had a long career in the legal marketing industry before taking this role. Linda is a woman who wows because she has given back to the industry in many ways, including through speaking and