I was thrilled to recently be a guest on Jay Harrington’s terrific podcast “The Thought Leadership Project.” In my episode, we discuss content paralysis, which is the concept of when you spend too much time tinkering with a piece of thought leadership rather than just saying your good is good enough, and so you can miss the boat on having the maximum impact on it.

In the podcast, Jay and I had a wide-ranging conversation on thought leadership marketing topics, including:

  • How content marketing and thought leadership fuel legal business development
  • What “content paralysis” is and why it stops lawyers from creating content
  • Tips for overcoming content paralysis
  • The importance of using a client-centric tone and voice with your content
  • How to find time to create content
  • Tips to help you get started creating content

Also, you can read my story on the same topic, which Jay saw and then invited me to speak on his podcast series. Have a listen, and thanks again Jay for inviting me to be a part of this series!