Hey LinkedIn, you’ve been making great strides for your users, but the holidays are coming and there’s so much more you can do to hit some major pain points. Here’s my current wish list for enhancements I’d wish you’d make: 

  • The ability to write articles on LinkedIn publisher from my phone
  • The ability to edit previously written articles from my phone
  • The option to add more photos to a post or edit the photos you posted already in a post
  • The flexibility to have more than 1300 characters in a LinkedIn status update
  • The ability to see who are your actual company page followers
  • More robust company page analytics
  • A better solution to when you add a hyperlink to a post and suddenly LinkedIn autogenerates a shortened version of it with LinkedIn characters. You can only get around this by inserting your own custom bitly link.

Now that I’ve shared my list with you, I’d love to hear what’s on yours! And let’s hope LinkedIn is listening – we only have four months until the holidays are here and this is prime time for lead generation and brand building activities.