Here’s a little Monday motivation for all of us and some daily self-care tips:

  1. What energizes you
  2. What are you grateful for and why
  3. What’s not working and why

Every day is a new opportunity to remind yourself of all the great things you have in your life, to make a fresh start, change your habits and mindset and to improve yourself. Commit to being a better version of yourself each day. Be honest with yourself on where you can improve and also where you shine.

Be mindful of your stress and anxiety triggers and how you handle each situation. Assume good intent with others and walk away from people who do not support you or have your best interests at heart. Listen to the helpful criticism of those who care about you to achieve a more fulfilling life. Others opinions of you are just that – opinions – so take from them what resonates and ignore the rest. Not everyone is going to like you and you shouldn’t care about it.

You’re not defined by past mistakes or what others think of you. You get to choose every day where you want to direct your energy. Choose wisely.

Remember you have to push forward with your life even when you don’t want to and sometimes you need to choose to be happy in order to thrive.