Many of you work at firms with vibrant, extensive histories and no shortage of retired lawyers who would be more than happy to speak to you about the history of your firm and their time there.

Your firms can greatly benefit from the wisdom of these elders as the information that they can share with you can be of immense value for your content marketing efforts. I have seen several firms create successful social media campaigns using information from their firms’ history.

For example, one firm did a “on this day in history” campaign and noted significant events in which it was instrumental in helping clients shape the law, using archived photographs as visuals.

Another firm used historical information to bring its 100th anniversary campaign to life to show how it had contributed to the growth of certain cities around the globe, while a younger firm incorporated information about its roots and significant past achievements for its 25th anniversary, underscoring that you do not need to be a firm from the 1800s to do this. I just did a campaign for a law firm that celebrated its fifth anniversary – each year is something to celebrate.

The founding of your firm is a milestone, and so is an office opening. Any firsts of their kinds are worthy of commemorating too. Significant achievements involving your founding or VIP partners are also high up on the list as something you can mark. And the list goes on.

These are great pieces of content to post on social media in a campaign on those days and weeks when you don’t have other content to post. They also help others learn more about your firm and people – your alumni, recruits, employees, clients and prospects would all find this information of value.