LinkedIn presents an excellent opportunity for lawyers in every practice area and industry to share useful and engaging content with potential and current clients.

Because LinkedIn gives you access to  such a wide professional network 750+ million people globally and counting), attorneys can use the platform to build their personal brands as a go-to source of expertise and information that can lead to new referrals and new opportunities such as speaking and writing.

Here’s a case study on how I increased a law firm’s presence on LinkedIn.

Using the analytics I already had (and had inherited from the person who had managed the page before me) my goal was to create a strategy to increase engagement on the page. The social adjustments I recommended and made included:

  • Analyzed the historical data to obtain the optimal days and times that the law firm’s current audience was interacting with their posts
  • Curated content that would resonate better with their target audience
  • Scheduled the content according to peak optimal times
  • Created a list of hashtags by practice to use with each post
  • Trained the lawyers and staff on how to effectively share posts (to tap into their valuable networks)
  • Created custom imagery and templates to bring their content to life
  • Developed a simple editorial calendar to track posts and to easily be able to repurpose content
  • Utilized sponsored content to highlight key intitiatives and raise awareness for the brand

We saw positive results within a month. While I can’t say that the firm directly got new business as a result of our efforts, I can say that what we did and continue to do certainly are helping to amplify the firm’s public image and social media presence, which has never been more important to maintain and cultivate than it is today.