Creating video for social media it’s not easy, but it is well worth the time and effort.

Video content typically performs best with most social media platform algorithms, because it captures a viewer’s attention for longer.

Video is also great way to bring to life boring or complex subject matter. Video enables you to really connect with your audience.

Now that being said, bad videos are just bad. And video doesn’t always go as planned. I’ve had my fair share of bloopers as you can see here.

But I keep practicing, and I keep doing it. And you should too.

Create an outline or a script, and practice, practice, practice.

I don’t recommend reading from a Teleprompter because I think you can look robotic when doing so.

What should you post?

  • Provide Helpful Advice and Solutions. Hopefully like I’m doing here.
  • Give a Tutorial: Show the solution to a problem you’ve encountered and use visuals to bring it to life.
  • Post Company News: People are interested in who you’ve hired, your big deals, who you’ve acquired and which events you plan to attend. Just be humble when doing so.
  • Share Client Stories: Help others learn by talking about issues you helped your clients overcome. Nothing helps you to market yourself better than your clients.
  • Share Interviews: Host a Q&A with an executive or someone with whom you connected at a conference.

There are two primary ways to post video on LinkedIn:

  1. Upload Natively: Upload a video file to LinkedIn or record a video with the LinkedIn app. Once published, native videos appear in users’ LinkedIn feed. Based on how viewers comment and, to a lesser extent, whether they like and share, it’ll be distributed over several days.
  2. Post a Link: Paste a video link into a LinkedIn post or direct message

Like all major social media sites, LinkedIn gives a slight preference to videos that are uploaded directly to its site. It wants to keep users within its platform.

If you have a YouTube channel to which you want to draw viewers, don’t worry too much about posting links or not. I post some videos natively on LinkedIn and others I post links to my YouTube channel.

I have found good engagement with both of them so you have to just do a little trial and error

Even if people go off LinkedIn to watch your video and it negatively impacts your LinkedIn post, maybe they will find something else of interest to them on your YouTube channel.

Reach out to me if you need help creating your video strategy. I promise it won’t turn out like this video LOL.