Videos on LinkedIn are one of the most underutilized forms of content on LinkedIn, providing major opportunities for you to incorporate them into your social strategy.

LinkedIn videos are effective in getting your followers to stop scrolling on their news feeds.

They enable you to connect with your followers in a way that the written word just doesn’t.

You’re able to capture so much of your personality with videos, which helps you stand out.

A lot of people are scared to create video because they worry about being judged, imposter syndrome or not feeling confident about their on-camera brand.

I’m here to tell you to silence that negative voice that says you can’t do it.

As you can see here from the video this was done on my iPhone. I’m not reading a script. I’m speaking from my experience. I’m not perfect and that’s okay.

As long as you are trying to help others and explain something of interest to your followers instead of selling a product or your services, you’ll be on your way to LinkedIn video success.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to bring dry subject matter to life with a video.

I don’t know why more professional service from lawyers don’t use a video to bring their client alerts and other content to life.

Posting videos directly on LinkedIn leads to more attention, interaction and shares.

You don’t want to include a link to your website or YouTube channel where the video is stored.

That will hurt your engagement because LinkedIn doesn’t want you to take people off of its platform.

Engagement is a critical element of LinkedIn strategy, and video is no exception.

Getting views, likes, shares and comments signals to LinkedIn that your video is generating conversation and should appear more in people’s feeds.

How do you take engagement into account when creating your video?

Make sure to use a strong, clear call to action (CTA) that lets viewers know how to keep the conversation going.

Then, make sure to include elements that can expand your reach like hashtags and mentions of people or companies.

Don’t take the engagement for granted. If you’re not responding when people interact with you, you’ll lose out on visibility of your post.

Reply to all comments and provide additional information.

One final word of advice is to always include captions on your videos because most people are scrolling on social media without the sound on.

Videos with captions get way more engagement than those that do not have them.

Trust me when I say that if I can create videos like this, you can too.

How have you used video in your social strategy?

Will you try using LinkedIn videos as well in the new year?

I’m starting a LinkedIn coaching group in January where I’ll teach you how to use videos in your LinkedIn strategy. Message me if you’d like to be part of it!