Over the summer LinkedIn introduced some cool new updates and tools you should incorporate into your LinkedIn strategy, which will help enhance your visibility and business development efforts.

1 – Pinning a comment to your post – You can now pin a comment to your LinkedIn post – so that your comment – or the comment you choose – will appear as the top comment most visible to everyone. Use this to promote something related to your brand and business, such as a sign-up to your email list, a link to your website or blog or an upcoming webinar. If you are referring to a specific piece of content in your post, use the pinning feature to add a link to it.

2 – Adding an external link to your postsAdding an external link to a LinkedIn post gives you the ability to promote your business and brand. You can use them to provide additional information and direct readers to other resources. This is my favorite new lead magnet tool.

Here’s how to add outbound/external links to posts on LinkedIn:

  • Add a photo or video to your post.
  • In the options before you post (where you see tagging and alt text options), you’ll now see a symbol for adding a link. Insert your URL and then choose what you want your display text to be.
  • The link appears right on the image itself (see how I did it here linking to my email sign-up list).
  • You can move around where the link goes and change the size of it. Note that you can only add the links right now from your mobile device, but you can see them on your desktop.

adding a linkedin URL to postsThis new LinkedIn feature underscores the importance of adding an image or video to each of your posts.

If you are referring to a specific piece of content in your post, add a link to it here. The same would go for an upcoming webinar, podcast, media mention, article, client alert or anything else to which you want to drive traffic.

If you are not sure what to add as a link, a simple redirect to your website or blog would be a great example of what you could do or how about your email sign-up list?

Note that you can add external links on both your personal LinkedIn page and your company page. If you don’t have the ability to do it yet, keep checking as it often takes LinkedIn a bit to roll out new features to everyone.

3 – The instant repost feature – LinkedIn’s new instant repost feature provides a simple way to help amplify a post to your LinkedIn audience. I’m not a huge fan of this new LinkedIn feature because if you click the button to instantly repost a post, it does just that – repost that post without your insights. You won’t be able to add your own commentary to a post, which defeats the purpose of sharing content on LinkedIn that helps to build your brand and business. Engagement on these posts will also be lower than if you had added your own introduction to the post, but if you’re in a pinch you can use this to repost an update from your company page, a colleague or someone else in your network.

Instant repost on LinkedIn

Final Thoughts

Remember that outbound links are at the very top of your sales funnel. Without them, you’re not driving as much traffic as you could to the content that you want people to see – the content that can help build your brand and generate leads and awareness (blog posts, webinars, podcasts, articles and your email sign up), so use them to promote your content assets.

What do you think of these LinkedIn updates?

You can learn more about them in this YouTube video.

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