An important part of your social media strategy should be to always post a visual with a piece of content. Why? Because it brings social posts to life and helps content better engage with your target audiences.

Including images in your posts (remember to also include your logo!) makes your content (and your firm) more engaging, interactive, relatable and memorable, and can help attract new followers as well as keep your existing audiences interested in what you have to say.

In addition, visual social content is a quick way to:

  • uniquely express your brand enabling you to stand out from your competitors
  • bring boring information to life
  • highlight important data
  • differentiate your firm and lawyers
  • showcase your practices/industries and news about the firm and lawyers
  • increase traffic to your web site (including lawyer bios, which are the most-visited and I think the most important pages on law firm web sites today) and blogs

That being said, more important than posting a visual is posting the right sized visual. And each social platform has different size requirements – so one size does not fit all. I see some firms and individuals post the same image to each social platform and what winds up happening is that it looks distorted and it makes them look unsavvy and a bit lazy. Taking the time to resize your images to fit each platform is worth it and demonstrates that you and your firm have mastery of the social platforms. You can often resize images right from your smartphone and when you can’t, there are free photo resizing online tools to help you. Here’s a handy social media resizing guide with the latest sizes for the major platforms.

Take a look at my JD Supra article on “Why You Should Resize Images on Social Media (and How to Easily Do It Yourself and Increase Engagement on Your Posts)” for more tips on how to do it yourself.