Here’s a social media tip for this Monday: Share your successes on social media but don’t overshare (and spread the love to your top clients/contacts).

What I mean by this is to always use the “humblebrag” approach when you post items about yourself – don’t seem overly self-congratulatory about your successes or your network can be turned off and may even unsubscribe from your posts. Instead talk about how the item at hand is beneficial/helpful to them. Downplay your success while being helpful. Mention others who perhaps also won an award that you did or helped you write an article or helped you to get where you are.

Always think show versus tell in all of your posts, meaning how can I demonstrate that I am the very best lawyer or we are the very best firm versus telling your audience this information.

In addition, dedicate some of your posts to the successes of your clients and important contacts – this will strengthen your relationships with these individuals and they will likely return the favor down the line to you when you have an accomplishment.