Here’s a basic but often overlooked media tip: Write your social content as you actually speak.

Did you know that reading online content is 25% slower than when reading in print? So why make social media posts complicated for your audience?

Today your social media content needs to sound like your everyday speak in order to really authentically connect with your audience. Definitely not legalese. Definitely not boastful. And definitely not formal.

Personal experiences, stories, helpful tips and challenges are what people want to read on all social channels. They are engaging, authentic and they make users stop and reflect.

If you ever wonder why your posts aren’t getting high engagement or your company posts aren’t getting a high number of likes, comments or shares, often it’s because they’re very “me” based instead of audience-based.

So always write content with your audience in mind, in their language and in a tone that will resonate with them. Client-centric is the true key to success in all marketing efforts in my opinion.

Every post that I have ever crafted that has done well on social media has followed this formula.

When I speak from the heart I connect with others more. It’s honestly that simple. And often times it just involves recasting the way I say something.

Try it and let me know how it goes!