Here’s why you aren’t closing the deal or winning the piece of business – you make the new business pitch and meetings all about YOU.

It should be about your clients. It should be about how you can make their lives better and easier.

You should not be regurgitating your company mission statement and providing background information about you and your team members.

And please don’t brag about where you went to college or law school. Today it’s much more about interpersonal relationships and client service.

You’ve already gotten your foot in the door – you’re already in the running. All you can do now is either blow it or seal the deal. You can really turn people off by sounding boastful so avoid that at all costs.

Show your potential client that you did research about them for this pitch. Show them that you understand their challenges and their opportunities and that you are the right person to guide them.

Show me you know me. It’s just so simple. Make it about your client instead of you.

Demonstrate your passion for this client. If you are truly dedicated to them it will shine through in your pitch and if it doesn’t it might not be the right client for you.

The business is yours to lose because you are already on the short list. Think client-centric and about how to serve someone and you will start to get the business.

Learn more in this video.