In this Women Who Wow profile, learn more about Nancy Stein, an attorney who assists clients with content creation, marketing, promotions, communications and brand recognition efforts.

Prior to starting her own business, Nancy was the managing editor of Lawdragon, the online and print business and legal news company. She also worked at ALM as a managing editor/marketing liaison in its book division.

Why did you choose your profession?

I initially wanted to practice law after successfully fighting a moving violation in court. I was innocent, but that was hard to prove and the case before mine resulted in a guilty verdict based on similar allegations.

I went to law school, fell in love and married after my first year. I wanted to have children and work/life balance. I always enjoyed writing so I went into publishing and then journalism before starting my own marketing and content creation business.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love working with a wide variety of firms and people, adapting different styles and writing content that helps firms really stand out in the marketplace.

Tell us about a woman you look up to and why.

I have a number of women I admire. I admire my friend Martha Veroba, a former opera singer in her 90s. She’s wise, kind and always makes me feel very special.

I admire my cousin, Helene Holtz for never failing to see the bright side, and for her extraordinary perspective, love and warmth. I admired my Aunt Frances, who was like a mom to me. She had the best advice and taught me so many important life lessons. She died 25+ years ago, but I think about her at least weekly and quote her often.

I also greatly admire both of my daughters. Rebecca (Bisland) is a polished professional and top executive. She is poised, articulate, brilliant and just gave birth to my first grandbaby! Debra is a kind and talented person. She’s an exceptionally hardworking and patient teacher whose smile lights up a room.

Any advice to young women about succeeding in the workplace?

Hone your oral and written communication skills. They are essential. Have a can-do attitude, step up and take on new projects, credit others for their good work, and show appreciation when people help you. Find a great mentor, listen and learn. Be proactive. Volunteer and actively engage with the team. Don’t simply identify problems, solve them.


How has the pandemic changed you? 

It’s made me reach out more on a personal level to business contacts, friends and community members. Through the seniors and singles outreach program I establish, I and my committee members kept in touch with more than 100 people via phone and email. Now that life is opening up again, I’ve met some of these people for the very first time.

I also actually made new legal marketing friends. In response to “How are you keeping sane?”, a couple of legal marketers told me about doing crafts. We formed a wonderful group of talented women (the Crafty Legal Marketers Group). We have a Facebook group and meet monthly via Zoom to share crafts, laughs and weigh in with solutions to business issues when they arise.