People ask me all the time about how I’ve achieved success on LinkedIn. First off it took years!

It wasn’t something that happened overnight. I was posting on LinkedIn and building my brand on LinkedIn long before I ever needed it as a business owner and entrepreneur.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start today.

In fact that means you should! Because there’s so much opportunity here.

Most people aren’t utilizing Linkedin for their personal brand or business growth. And if they are – many of them aren’t posting good content.

So do it better than them. It’s not hard.

Here are some ways I’ve been able to leverage LinkedIn to my advantage – and you can too.

Tip 1: Post consistently and create your content pillars
Tip 2: Only post helpful content (no self-promotional posts)
Tip 3: Answer all comments to help your posts go “viral”
Tip 4: Structure posts to get people to “stop the scroll”
Tip 5: Use visuals
Tip 6: Strategically use hashtags
Tip 7: Tell stories
Tip 8: Reuse and repurpose your content
Tip 9: Share at the right time
Tip 10: Be YOU!

Take some time this week to map out your strategy. Come up with your content pillars – the topics on which you’ll write about.

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If you’re a busy professional with no time to post or build your brand on LinkedIn but you want to (basically all of us), this is the course for you.

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