It’s fall y’all! In addition to consuming copious amounts of pumpkin lattes and pumpkin cookies, you should consider is creating a content and social media campaigns around the idea of giving and being thankful and grateful for your clients, your employees, your work and your health.

Some ideas I cover in this video include how to get your employees involved, how to create strong connection points with your clients and recruits through a giving campaign, a charitable contribution donation and being thankful.

I also explore why you should send out a Thanksgiving e-card to your clients (hint – you can be first to market and stand out from the sea of similar snowflake holidays cards that will go out during the first two weeks of December.

Here are some more unique ideas for your company holiday card:

  • Ask your employees to contribute their favorite holiday recipes with downloadable recipe cards. The theme could be something like “from our table to yours” or “eat, drink and be merry.”
  • Get your employees’ kids involved and ask them to draw a picture of what the holidays mean to them. Compile the images you receive into an animated card.
  • Include photos of employees’ holiday memories or their favorite holiday tradition.
  • Include photos from the past year of our people at events.
  • Feature employees’ pets in holiday attire
  • Feature employees in ugly holiday sweaters
  • Ask employees’ for their favorite holiday movies
  • Our top seasonal playlist suggestions
  • Make a donation to local charities the focal point of the card

These are the kinds of greetings that will really stand out. They are more impactful because your people are helping to tell the story.

Your goal with holiday cards is to invoke warm, positive feelings that help to create stronger connections. You certainly don’t want to come off as every other corporate organization.

Softer content like this helps to humanize and showcase your brand.

It also breaks up the self-promotional content so many brands post on a daily basis about its news, events and accomplishments.

Reach out to me if you need help creating a holiday campaign.

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