I hope that you did great things on the marketing and business development fronts in 2018. With the new year here, we get a great new opportunity to start fresh and add new strategies and tactics to our marketing mix. My new JD Supra article “16 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Business Development, Social Media and Branding Efforts in 2019” provides actionable ideas in the business development, social media and branding areas to incorporate in your marketing and lead generation efforts in 2019 regardless of your firm size or budget.

The tips include: getting to know your clients better, setting achievable business development goals for yourself, creating a target list, incorporating evergreen content into your social media strategy, refreshing your biography several times per year, providing personalized, value-added content to clients and contacts,  being more active on the conference circuit, getting to know your clients better, becoming a smarter networker, developing a smart and inexpensive visual content strategy, becoming a LinkedIn master and more! 

The business development and marketing/social media tips I include in this article are for professionals at all levels because it’s never too late or early to start incorporating them into your daily lives. A word to the wise for young professionals – you should build your network before you think you’ll ever need it. Your peers will be tomorrow’s business leaders. And a word to the wise for seasoned lawyers who don’t think they need to spend the time on business development – today it’s not enough to just be a great lawyer. You need to market yourself as well as churn out exceptional legal work. One day your steady stream of legal work could dry up or something could happen where you need to rebuild your practice. Also, you never know who can turn out to be a client, referral or future employer. I always say to never underestimate the importance of every connection. Be friendly and kind to everyone. Because you never know.

Read the full article with all of my tips and let me know how your efforts are going!