I wanted to share a few thoughts on why you should incorporate Twitter into your content strategy. Twitter is a great platform to enhance your personal brand as well as your company brand. It’s easy to use and because the posts are short, you can easily create and upload content.

  • It enables you to strengthen brand by sharing insights and engage with other leaders in your field
  • Provides a steady stream of quick, timely and evergreen content ideas throughout the year
  • Enables you to engage with reporters active on the platform to generate press coverage for your firm
  • Allows you to become part of the conversation before, during and after important industry conferences using the offical conference hashtags – use the tweets for content ideas (you can sort by the hashtag for inspiration)
  • Become a content aggregator but word to the wise: Always click on all articles and read them before retweeting and sharing
  • On Twitter – do more than just share your article/alert headlines as you post copy
  • Incorporate hashtags directly in tweet copy vs. adding them to the end of a post if you can – creates a cleaner look and ensures they are seen
  • Best practice: Use only two hashtags (three at an absolute maximum) – you have a limited character area – be selective on how you use it
  • Use hashtagify.me to help you source the most relevant hashtags

How do you use Twitter to build your brand and engage with others?