So many lawyers are perfectionists, which psychologists define as striving for flawlessness and setting overly high-performance standards. This can really derail them when it comes to content creation because they will tinker with writing/editing a client alert so much that they miss the boat on distributing it at the right time to their clients and it then majorly loses its impact. I call it content paralysis.

Most client alerts are about developments in the law and every minute counts when it comes to distribution, especially when your competitors are writing about similar topics. Don’t let them beat you to it! Always be brief and efficient when writing an alert – quickly get to the point in the first paragraph and make the headline concise and compelling to draw in the reader. It’s okay if your articles aren’t masterpieces! Keep on publishing because practice makes you a better writer.

The most important piece of advice I have for those lawyers who pay acute attention to detail and have impeccably high standards is to not sit on an article and over edit it – create and distribute content while the topic is hot – embrace the idea of good enough. There’s no such thing as perfect (besides, your good enough is likely prretty amazing). Don’t sacrifice quality but also don’t let your competitors win.