I wanted to share a few thoughts for some little things you can do in your marketing efforts to go the extra mile and stand out from competitors.

When you’re at a conference, don’t just sit on your phone checking your email. Really detach from your day-to-day work and immerse yourself in the conference experience. Even better, write a key takeaways piece from what you learned and send it to clients. That’s how you can truly differentiate yourself from others.

Don’t forget to send lateral press releases and high-profile media mentions of your lawyers to the alumni publications of their alma maters. I’ve always built in alumni publications into my social/PR strategy and have had great success with it helping lawyers get back in touch with former classmates who have gone on to do great things (and become clients/referrals).

Be thoughtful with your clients, prospects and referral sources when it comes to the joyous and also on the flipside, tough times, they have in their personal lives. Send flowers, condolences, baby gifts, etc. Going the extra mile is just the right thing to do and will enable you to stand out from your competitors and be top of mind when they need a lawyer like you in the future.