If you know me or have seen me speak, you can tell that I am very passionate about what I do – and it makes it all worthwhile when you actually hear from people about how you actually helped and inspired them to go the extra mile in their marketing efforts or to step out of their comfort zone. I recently received this LinkedIn message and it really touched me:

“I saw you at the NYC bar panel for small businesses the other day. As a result of implementing a few of your ideas so far – including making my first LinkedIn post and updating my profile – I became more visible. I was then contacted by several former colleagues who were excited to learn that I had recently started my own firm. One of them even offered to send me work! I know I have a lot more to do, but just taking the first few steps helps a lot. Thank you.”

I sincerely thank the attendee who took the time to send me this note – it means so much to me.