Here’s an idea for what to say on social media when you’re running low on things to say.

A great idea to reuse and repurpose your content (and headshots) is to create a content campaign based on bios to shine a spotlight on key lawyers and their practices.

Choose highlights from the bios as your teaser copy to draw in the reader versus copying the first few lines of his/her web bio (every word counts in social media posts because of the limited amount of characters you have).

This is a great way to shine a spotlight on certain professionals who may not be getting in the press as much as they would like. This is what I call owned media versus earned media – you create your own news about the people who matter in your organization.

We implemented this campaign at my prior firm where I was the in-house director of marketing, and it made a significant impact on lead generation efforts for a number of attorneys – especially when we saw actual evidence through our analytics and likes and comments from our clients on those posts – the best kind of engagement you could ask for.

I was excited when I saw that several clients had left glowing positive comments for our lawyers as a direct result of the bio series. I knew our clients were viewing our content in listen-only mode, but this was one of the first times that I saw direct unsolicited, positive engagement.

I also received feedback from several lawyers that as a result of their bios being featured on our social media channels and the resulting visibility that came from that, they experienced a spike in both the number of emails/calls/LinkedIn messages received from clients whom they haven’t been in regular touch, which eventually led to the opening of new matters for several of them (the jackpot of your social media efforts).

I attribute a large part of the bio campaign success to the concept of using “light touchpoints” in your marketing efforts, or the idea of staying top of mind with your contacts so that they think of you the next time they have a matter that fits your background and experience. By the way, this bio series cost our firm zero dollars to implement. Yes, zero.

Your firm would be wise to identify superstar associates and help them put the building blocks in place for business development and branding success. We featured young lawyers in the series, who are incredibly important for lead generation. First off, they are often social media savvy. Second, they are the future of our industry, especially as clients continue to get younger. (Note: we presently have five generations in the workforce). Their connections and law school classmates are poised to become the business leaders of tomorrow, so encourage them to cultivate connections, build their brands and books of business now, and give them the platform to do it.

If you have an editorial calendar (which you should), build in these posts on the days when you are low on fresh content. Try this out and let me know how it goes.