I hope you will join me for this free Legal Value Network webinar next Thursday 11/19 at 12pm EDT on how legal professionals can use LinkedIn to build their brands and networks. It’s for in-house lawyers, law firm business professionals, business partners and anyone who wants to up their game on LinkedIn.

There has never been a more powerful business networking tool than LinkedIn. Learn how to make it work better for YOU.

In this webinar, I will show attendees how to appropriately and effectively use social media and content marketing during the time of social distancing to enhance your brand, build your executive presence, become a thought leader, expand your network and generate new business.

There have been a ton of updates to LinkedIn over the past year, and I will show you how to use them to your advantage – it’s never been more important to use LinkedIn for your brand, to become more of a thought leader in your industry and for networking than it is now with social distancing.

All you have to do is sign up with the Legal Value Network, an organization you should know about founded by some of the brightest minds in the legal pricing, project management and process improvement area – Toby Brown, Purvi Sanghvi, Christopher Ende, Stuart Dodds, Kristina Lambright, Justin Ergler, Keith Maziarek, Michael Byrd – people from whom I learn so much.

Thank you to Janet Diaz, the LVN’s executive director for organizing this webinar.

Register here.