Law firms and law schools should create a mandatory course on marketing and developing business and client relationships so that associates have the necessary skills they need to thrive at an early point in their careers.

For too long many law firm associates have been in the shadow of partners and doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

When (and if) a law firm associate makes partner, they are often ill-equipped to develop their own business because they haven’t been taught those skills or been allowed to do so.

If you want to keep your lawyers today during this Great Resignation, foster their development and let them shine.

Give them autonomy when they’re ready. Let them be the point person with the client. Enable them to work from home or on a hybrid schedule. Fully support them on their professional journey.

So why don’t more law schools offer courses that teach law students the fundamentals of marketing, business development, marketing, matter management and finance?

This kind of practical training will always be useful to a law firm associate or law student and will enable them to hit the ground running when they join a firm.

If anyone knows the deans at some major law schools, let them know I’d love to teach a course on this and can easily create a syllabus!

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