Recently, social media strategist Spencer X. Smith (if you’re not following him you should!) said something on LinkedIn that really resonated with me.

It was about the idea of using your social media platforms and reach to promote the successes of others vs. only posting about yourself (or “me-centric” posts), and he talked about the fact that each of us has the ability to do this  within our own networks to significantly strengthen our professional relationships.

Harnessing the power of your own social media platforms to promote others and build stronger relationships and your brand is actually very easy and incredibly worthwhile.

Spencer said that just like Oprah used her star power to make others famous, each of us can elevate others in our industry by highlighting their accomplishments and successes.

Put in plain and simple terms, your social media posts shouldn’t all be about you. In order to build stronger relationships with others (and honestly just to not seem like you are full of yourself) depending on how much you post per week, dedicate at least 20 percent of your posts to giving shout outs to others.

Maybe someone wrote a terrific book on Best Practices in Law Firm Business Development and Marketing (hi Deborah Farone!) or was just mentioned in a recent article (that’s you Eric Armstrong!) or are LMA leaders from whom I learn so much (Andy Laver, Trish Lilley and Cynthia Voth), this is directed at you guys) or constantly posts insightful things that I must reshare (I’m in the official fan clubs of Rich Bracken, Jay Harrington and Nancy Myrland) – whatever it is do your part to pay it forward and recognize them. I promise you that these actions will be noticed and will benefit you. Also, encourage your lawyers to do the same for VIPs in their professional network. This is a great way to build stronger relationships.

So, who in your professional network can you promote on your social media platforms? Keep a running list of these people and start to create your posts based on what’s going on with them and what content they are producing. You can use this list ot help you mend relationships or as an ice breaker because no one dislikes a compilment ever.

As Spencer noted, “Turn the spotlight away from yourself and shine it on others.” So pay it forward, be more humble and think about on who you’d like to make sure gets the recognition they deserve. Who knows, they may even return the favor one day!