Video chatting has never been more important to connect with others than it is today during this unprecedented time.

My dear friend Elizabeth Lampert posted some very useful information on how to ensure you’re effectively using your webcam.

  • Keep a light source on your face, and try to avoid sitting with a window behind you.
  • Frame your head and shoulders in the shot, and keep the camera lens at or above eye level—use a cardboard box or a book as a stand if necessary.
  • Lift your head up. Your chin will thank you.
  • Use a microfiber cloth and wipe off the lens from time to time to keep it clean.
    Before any big meeting, do a test to see how the lighting is, check the angle, ensure that you look presentable (I totally looked green and very unhealthy in one recent Zoom meeting due to the positioning of my camera).

Stay safe everyone. We will get through this together.