This is a photo from from the 2012 Legal Marketing Association annual conference when my dear friend and mentor Wendy Bernero was inducted into the hall of fame.

Wendy is a true leader and advocate for women. She’s the smartest and kindest person I know. She always believed in me and pushed me to become a better version of myself. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

I believe everyone needs a mentor— whether you are junior or senior. Sometimes you will have several people in your life who help guide you, and if you don’t, seek one out. Mentors are great sounding boards and provide valuable guidance. Also offer to be a mentor to others if you can – helping each other is the most important thing we can do right now.

Please also thank your mentor and appreciate them. Wendy is incredibly busy as the CMO of a global law firm, and I am so thankful she makes the time for me.

(Also I am actually a brunette as you will all soon find out during this quarantine).

So who can you mentor? You can still Zoom and call them. And how can you thank your mentors? Don’t wait to do it, especially now.