Did you know that you can use LinkedIn messenger to easily share a post of your own or someone else with an individual or a group of people? It’s super easy to do. Just click the send option, which is under an individual post in your LinkedIn news feed and you can share it as an individual message within LinkedIn. Make sure to add intro text.

Then a new window will appear in which you can compose a new message. You can also easily share it by email from your smartphone by clicking the three little dots on the top right of the post and selecting “share via” – your phone will give you a list of options such as sharing via text or email.

This is another great way to stay top of mind with people in your network and provide them with content of value. I’d also recommend sending a few key contacts recent posts of your own that you think they might find of interest to help with your own personal branding, let them know that you’re thinking of them and to remind them of the kind of work you do (in a non-boastful way).