Here’s one easy thing you should do on LinkedIn today that will help you build your brand and business.

It’s all about leveraging comments to your advantage and using them to build your subject matter authority on LinkedIn.

When you post insightful comments, people notice and you elevate your brand as a result.

You can then use this touchpoint as an opportunity to connect with other people and also become more visible.

Remember, not all comments are created equal.

A worthwhile comment is not something like “thanks for posting” or “great post” – it has to be insightful and thoughtful.

When you leave a comment, your goal should be to add something to the conversation, give thoughtful feedback or ask an honest question to understand the post better.

You can use comments to build stronger relationships by mentioning or referencing other commenters and the author of the post. Do this with the @ sign and then their name.

Just make sure to add to the author’s post and not hijack it – so don’t take the attention away from them by posting a link to something you’ve written. Keep the focus on them. Think compliment versus hijack.

And did you know that you can take your comments and turn them into a post very easily now with a new feature on LinkedIn. That’s another great way to build your presence on the platform.

Comments are also very important because they are visible to people when they go to your profile and look at your activity. From there, they can see all of the comments you’ve made, so it’s a smart idea to make those comments insightful.

On average, it should take you no more than five to ten minutes to read and comment on a post. Try doing it once in the morning and once in the evening, and you’ll start to notice a difference.

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