If you’re struggling with getting press coverage for yourself or your organization, here are some tips to help you.

My biggest tip – Don’t waste reporters’ time by sending them boastful press releases about how great you are.

Every interaction you have the reporter is crucial to your potential to get media coverage, so you don’t want them to see your emails and not even open them because you’ve wasted their time in the past.

Tell a newsworthy story in your press release and outreach.

Create original content such as a survey. When you create thought leadership pieces they take the pulse of your industry, you become the news. And that is incredibly newsworthy.

Every time I’ve created an industry study or released the results of a survey, I’ve gotten press coverage as a result. And you can too!

Just be creative. Think about what your audience cares about. The goal is to become the news yourself. Become the source.

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