When it comes to social media content, video is one of the fastest ways to build your thought leadership and outperforms any other medium when it comes to trust and likability.

Video posts get 3x more engagement than posts with only text or images and a video post on LinkedIn is 5x more likely to start a conversation.

But many people on LinkedIn don’t use video.

So that means you should! There is huge opportunity here.

You can bring your content to life – especially dry content – with video and showcase your uniqueness and personality.

It also doesn’t cost much to do video social media marketing or require a fancy setup. I use my iPhone (12 Pro Max) and a caption app (Capcut) – that’s it.

There are two primary ways of using video on LinkedIn:

  • Upload Natively: Upload a video file to LinkedIn or record a video with the LinkedIn app.
  • Post a Link: Paste a video link into a LinkedIn post or direct message from YouTube or your website.

The majority of videos shared on LinkedIn are native videos, either uploaded directly or recorded through the LinkedIn app.

These perform better because LinkedIn doesn’t want you to take people off of its platform. This is how I post my videos.

Once published, native videos appear in the LinkedIn news feed.

Based on how viewers comment and, to a lesser extent, whether they like and share it, it’ll be distributed over several days.

LinkedIn Native Video Ideas

  • Ask for Advice: Everyone loves to be asked for their expertise. This encourages engagement and commenting, which the LinkedIn algorithm likes.
  • Post Company News: People are interested in who you’ve hired, who you’ve acquired and what events you plan to attend.
  • Talk About Solutions: If you’re using video to product your services or a product, the focus should be on the problem your product solves, not just your product itself.
  • Discuss Your Vision: Inspire others by talking about a mission that’s larger than your company.

Share Customer Stories: Help others learn by talking about issues you helped your customers overcome. Ask their permission first and tag them in the post to encourage sharing.

Share Interviews: Host a Q&A with an executive or someone you connected with at a conference.

I hope these tips inspire you to try out video too. If I can do it, you can too!

How have you successfully used video social media marketing?