I struggle with content paralysis. I know many of you do too.

I can’t tell you how many half-finished articles I have on my computer, or ideas of what could be a good blog post on the notes section of my phone.

But they don’t do me – or anyone else – any good sitting there.

Many of us are perfectionists, which can derail our content creation efforts. And some of it comes from procrastination. Or being overwhelmed with regular work.

I always see things on my LinkedIn posts that I want to change and edit, but I can’t because then it would hurt the reach of the post – we just have to let go sometimes.

For lawyers, most blog posts or client alerts are about developments in the law, so every minute counts when it comes to distribution, especially when your competitors are writing about similar topics. Don’t let them beat you to it!

Be okay with putting yourself out there. Remember your good is good enough.

Done is better than perfect.

Content today doesn’t have to be long to be good. Most people skim articles anyway. You’re also not trying to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Time is of the essence, so create and distribute content while the topic is hot. Embrace the idea of good enough.

We simply can’t give 100% to everything 100% of the time anyway – don’t fall into the content paralysis trap.

Don’t let your competitors win the attention that YOU deserve.

The weekend is a great time to catch up on your writing as are the early mornings, or for me, when I can’t sleep. My commute (prior to working from home during the pandemic) was always a great time for me to write.

Scheduling time on your calendar is another great way to get those half-finished articles finished.

Don’t let your perfectionism and procrastination stop you from achieving more success in your career and reaching your full potential.

Your clients care what you have to say about timely topics, plus thought leadership content provides you with valuable touchpoints to stay in touch with your network and can be gifts that keep giving as you can repurpose content from them.

It’s so hard for us to let go sometimes and just realize that our good is good enough.

If you don’t commit to marketing yourself, no one else will. Content creation is an investment in yourself and your business.

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