We don’t have control over everything that happens in life, but how we choose to react can either make us or break us. We are living through this right now with the coronavirus outbreak. I live in NYC, the epicenter of the crisis, and it is impossible to not allow COVID-19 to affect our daily lives because it’s permeated every aspect of it. The next time you go through something stressful, try to cut yourself some slack, try some of these self-care ideas and remember that the sun always shines after the storm.
To become the best version of yourself, use this time and contemplate how to increase your productivity and do things that will make you a better version of yourself. Here are a few habits and routines you can start working on right now.
  • Go to bed early and wake up with a positive outlook
  • Eat healthy – this is a great time to learn how to cook
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Socialize with your friends, family and colleagues through virtual happy hours
  • Read more, novels, biographies, business books – whatever interests you. Also, you can join my online book club here.
  • Go easy on the alcohol, smoking and any online gambling/betting
  • Let TV be a distraction – catch up on Netflix and watch documentaries. I highly recommend watching Game of Thrones from start to finish
  • Start a journal -this is a place where you can express how you feel – I find it so cathartic to write when I’m feeling stressed and thought others might too
  • Take free online courses to enhance your skill set at Coursera.com