Here are 23 tips any brand or individual can use to grow their social media presence on any channel starting today.

  1. Develop a client-centric approach to social media – craft every post with them in mind.
  2. Showcase the human side of your brand
  3. Seek authentic relationships not just followers
  4. Write value-added content that speaks directly to your clients and prospects and in their language
  5. Post regularly and consistently to stay top of mind with your followers
  6. Use visuals to bring each post to life
  7. Develop a hashtag strategy to raise post visibility
  8. Use LinkedIn groups to promote your posts
  9. Create an editorial calendar to plan out future posts
  10. Focus on helping over selling and showing versus telling
  11. Reuse and repurpose your greatest hits
  12. Follow your competitors to find inspiration
  13. Be yourself and tell personal stories to develop a unique voice
  14. Give back and share others’ content
  15. Always write with your clients/customer in mind (success = being client-centric)
  16. Be patient – it takes time to see social media success
  17. Use shortened links to save character count and provide analytics
  18. Optimize your accounts for engagement (use keywords, create strong bios and about sections)
  19. Incorporate paid social into your strategy
  20. Set up a “pod” of people who will like, comment and share your posts
  21. Learn the best times to post and share content.
  22. Ensure your employees know how to share content to tap into their valuable networks. If not set up a training.
  23. Use tools to monitor and track your performance, and refine your content

I would love to hear your thoughts for other tips that have worked for you.