Time is money and that’s one of the main reasons you should reuse and repurpose your content.

I delved into this issue at my repurposing content webinar yesterday and provided tips on how you can make your content work harder and smarter for you.

I have so much content in my archives and I try to be really smart, strategic and efficient about how I reuse what I have. And you should too.

  • Instead of creating new content all the time, try maximizing what you already have.
  • Look at your analytics to see which posts did best and recycle your greatest hits
  • Update a blog post and its headline to create a new piece of content
  • Create multiple graphics for one piece of content extending its shelf life
  • Turn a piece of written content into a video
  • Take webinars you attend and your speaking engagements and create short takeaways posts from them
  • You can easily break up a long client alert or article into several posts
Ideas to repurpose content

Keep it simple, smart and practical. Remember the key to successful content strategy is to be consistent, unique, top of mind and helpful.

Learn more in the excerpt from my webinar. Watch the full webinar below and subscribe to my YouTube channel.