Do you have a shortage of content for your LinkedIn Company Page? Well you shouldn’t. Because as Air Supply says, you can really make content out of nothing at all.

Okay so maybe that’s not the actual way the song goes, but what I mean is that you already have so many assets that can repurposed as social media content. For example:

  • Turn your practice group descriptions and attorney bios into individual posts to highlight key practices and individual lawyers
  • Past event photos can be turned into TBT or FBF posts
  • Celebrate your employees with posts about their accomplishments
  • Old photos can become history posts
  • Turn complex info into an infographic with Canva
  • Past client alerts can be reposted by pulling out a quote or a statistic.
  • Feature your employees and alumni in “get to know” Q&A posts.
  • Post links to important sections on your site (recruiting/diversity/pro bono) with teaser text.
  • One of my favorite tricks is to take a transcription of a webinar and turn it into other forms of content such as a key takeaways piece, a quote social media post or even a white paper.

The possibilities are endless if you are a bit creative. The bottom line is to let your content work harder and smarter for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are at a big or small company – you have a lot of content that you can reuse and repurpose. I hope these examples inspire you.