There are endless benefits for you (the law firm) and your alumni to stay in touch with each other.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is, if you have employees who have left the firm with whom you want to keep in touch, then you need an alumni relations program.

Alumni relations can help your law firm with:

  • Recruiting initiatives – Alumni are an excellent source for identifying and engaging potential recruits. Your alumni are more likely to be considered by prospective employees as a credible source of information about what it’s like to work at the organization.
  • Lateral pipeline activities
  • Business development
  • General positive brand building for your law firm
  • Brand advocates to drive business development, recruiting, and thought leadership
  • Boomerang employees – many alumni return to your firm after going in-house, into public service, or even after discovering the grass isn’t greener somewhere else. It’s much easier to re-onboard a lawyer than to hire from scratch.

A law firm alumni program is so much more than planning periodic events and creating an alumni database and web site.

It’s about creating a long-term supportive community throughout the lifecycle of the alum’s career. It is also about creating opportunities for alumni to reconnect with each other. And finally promoting your alumni and their successes should be at the heart of your law firm alumni relations program.

Your alumni are among your strongest (or weakest) brand advocates.

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In this video, I explore why law firms of all sizes should create an alumni relations program.