Here are a few quick actions you can take on LinkedIn to meaningfully engage with connections, strengthen your brand, be a subject matter expert and bring in leads.

And the best part? None of them require a lot of time or effort!

  • Did someone you know just land a new job? Send them a quick congratulatory note.
  • Are you attending or speaking at an industry event? Tell your network about it in a status update.
  • Did you or a colleague write an article that would be valuable to your network? Tap into your own valuable social network by personally sharing it from your LinkedIn profile.
  • Did someone you admire write an article or publish a book that you enjoyed? Share a link to it along with why you recommend others read it. This will strengthen your professional relationships.
  • Did one of your clients or a high-value contact win an award, write an article, get appointed to a board or achieve something else noteworthy? Publicly congratulate them. Shining the spotlight on key connections is a great way to bolster connections and encourage reciprocity.
  • Did you discover something innovative or insightful in your field that would be of interest to your network, such as a white paper/study/industry report or client alert? Share it, along with introductory text that explains why.

Like I said above, none of these actions take a lot of time to do but can yield major benefits. They help keep you top of mind with your network and help you develop relationships, which is the foundation of your success in any area.

So try these simple LinkedIn tips – and really commit to doing them – and let me know how it goes!

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