Here’s a marketing idea to try: Instead of sending holiday cards, which is the tried and true holiday greeting used by professional service firms and often get lost in the mail or can seem impersonal when they come from a general firm email, make a list of VIP contacts and clients and send them personal Happy New Year emails. 

Offer to get together to catch up with the purpose to discuss their business and legal needs over the coming year. If your firm is working on any year-end or the forecast for 2020 thought leadership pieces include those as well. 

This is a great way to stay top of mind with your contacts while providing value and stand out from the sea of snowmen and other generic holiday greetings with which your clients are being bombarded in December. 

By sending out the greeting after the holidays, you’ll reach a more captive, engaged audience and cut through the clutter. I’ve seen firms be first to market on their holiday greeting by sending out a Thanksgiving card – another smart idea. 

Your goal with every client touchpoint is to be memorable, unique and helpful. Stand out from the pack by doing something different when it comes to your holiday greeting.