Is it the weekend? What day is it? I keep asking myself these questions because nothing feels normal. All of our daily routines have been majorly impacted by working from home and not being able to go out except for essentials.

One of the many group zoom happy hours I did this week. Thank god for them.

Social distancing especially for extroverts (me) and introverts is just plain hard. But we are the lucky ones. Staying home stops the spread of the coronavirus, so that’s our most important job right now.

Life will go back to normal but we will never forget this period. Think about all the things you can learn from it, and enjoy the extra time with your family and pets. Catch up with friends by FaceTime and Zoom. Use LinkedIn to rekindle and strength relationships.

Online networking both personally and professionally is our greatest social connection tool right now.

It’s great to have a pet to have a reason to get outside in this very isolating time but he’s now exhausted (don’t worry he’s been getting lots of treats).

Don’t forget to exercise and don’t overwork yourself especially since you’re no longer commuting to the office.

Look for moments of joy in unexpected places. My various friend groups have been enjoying happy hour (or quarantini) over FaceTime and Zoom. It’s such a great way to catch up and feel connected.

If you have kids at home and trying to manage their distance learning while juggling everything else on your plate, give yourself a break, you’re doing great. You’re doing the best you can.

The other day I looked up from my makeshift desk (my dining room table) and realized it was 9pm. It’s so easy to get caught up in working when there are no natural breaks in the day like commuting time. I recommend you still use that time for you – use LinkedIn, sneak in a quick online workout, take a healthy snack break, rearrange a drawer or take your dog for a walk. Create a new routine that works for you.

This time is so stressful especially if you live in one of the virus’s hotspots like I do. A recent New York Times article summed up my thoughts well, “Every day, we worry. We wonder if our neighbors can pay their rent. We go stir crazy. We pray. We wait for help from a federal government we fear may never come.” The constant worrying is terrible for us – especially if you already have anxiety issues. that’s why we need exercise and human interaction (from a distance).

Maintaining balance, relationships and healthy routines are key to being successful and staying sane right now.

Sending love from NYC. Stay safe xo.