I’m not quite sure what day of the week it is because it certainly doesn’t feel like a Saturday in locked down New York City during the coronavirus outbreak. But I do know that it’s perfectly okay to not be okay right now.

They say we should maintain social distancing but really what they mean is physical distancing.

Lean on your family and friends by FaceTime and Zoom. Schedule a virtual happy hour or coffee. I had two yesterday and it was wonderful to see others and connect. I’m so thankful to the LMA community for bringing us together – it has greatly enhanced relationships between us in this unprecedented time.

I FaceTime with my niece often and have done happy hours with close friends each night. These interactions are keeping me sane.

Social media is our greatest tool right now connecting you with loved ones and colleagues. Use it to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch both professionally and personally (now is the time to set up a Facebook/Instagram account if you were against it). Use for for client meetings and check ins. Use it for internal trainings to boost morale (I have done a few trainings this week for law firms on how to use social media in the current environment and how to develop business in a down market). Use this time wisely.

I have been writing so much during this time both here on the blog and for JD Supra and other publications. It’s been a great outlet for me to discuss what I’m feeling and to help others. If you also like to write, try it. Publish on LinkedIn, serve as a guest columnist for this blog. I use the notes section on my iPhone to write down article ideas and to start stories. Also you don’t have to write online – an old-fashioned notebook is just fine too. Writing was such a big help for me when I went through a major personal crisis last year (my live-in boyfriend suddenly left me for another woman who was a mutual friend – can’t think of many worse things oh wait, maybe a global pandemic). Writing helped me process my feelings during a tumultuous time – and I think it can also help others during the coronavirus – there’s a reason why they say journaling is so therapeutic.

As someone who was born in April, I’m turning my birthday party into a virtual experience (message me if you want to learn more about how to do that).

Simply send an email or text to someone with whom you haven’t been in touch and check in on them. Let them know you’re thinking of them – it goes a long way right now as we are forced to be apart from each other. I have several text groups with friends and industry colleagues where we share funny memes and stories of being cooped up with our loved ones and pets, and it’s honestly so helpful during this very socially isolating time. Try it.

We are all in this together. Stay safe.